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Originally posted on: Apr 13, 2020  
Simple bust portraits felt a little boring to me, so I gave it a little ol’ Bassy twist~
I wasn’t going to make it NSFW, but then I did, but then I didn’t, and then…I did both, but then neither at the same time. :P
Thanks for the peeps at Twitter for their suggestions!

suggestive188743 artist:bassywolfeh45 princess celestia111842 alicorn310164 bird13551 frog982 penguin413 rabbit8680 rito25 robin (bird)23 anthro354751 digitigrade anthro3010 g42007275 animal7920 annoyed7180 armpits46760 ass80757 breasts385271 butt226839 clothes625709 crossover72650 featureless breasts3449 female1781345 glowing horn28721 horn179117 judy hopps276 kass14 lani aliikai2 male543184 nudity505326 one eye closed45017 open mouth233125 partial nudity28854 ranno1 rivals of aether6 sitting90770 six fanarts1907 speckle1 strategically covered3573 surf's up4 surprised12648 the legend of zelda4044 the legend of zelda: breath of the wild234 topless16959 tuca and bertie6 wings217028 wink32520 zootopia379


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