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Originally posted on: Apr 14, 2020  
hey guys look! I made Twilight in MsPaint!
#brony #MLPFiM #mylittlepony #TwilightSparkle #fanart

safe2150560 artist:madkadd100 twilight sparkle354149 alicorn309314 pony1578429 g42003985 blushing268001 book42868 cute262562 cutie mark51468 female1776983 glowing horn28669 heart74244 horn177988 looking at you253573 magic95332 mare726104 ms paint7100 ponyloaf831 prone34450 simple background583839 smiling388428 solo1406858 telekinesis38504 twiabetes15161 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147793 white background156995


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