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I love it soooooo much
safe1554660 artist:djkaskan123 pinkie pie201312 rarity167850 saffron masala1559 zesty gourmand214 pony825888 robot6835 robot pony3057 unicorn257032 chell103 crossover56327 glados191 levitation10297 magic64450 personality core119 portal1717 portal (valve)1111 portal gun205 telekinesis24048 translated in the comments2393


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And the cake is now a bitter bits of lies now. This is Zesty vs Saffron.
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So what kind of awful cooking ideas does Rariwheatley give in this version of things?

"All food should be properly dressed. No, not with sauce! With sequins!"
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I also participate in ask zesty gourmand and I just love any of her interactions with saffron)
And I am happy to draw such ideas, although of course not often, but who knows what other ideas will come to my mind)
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"Fine. Listen. We both said many things that you will come to regret. But now, we must forget about our disagreements. For cuisine. You are a monster."

I took to long, but will post anyway.