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safe2198416 alternate version88596 artist:vito0 cozy glow9698 princess cadance40539 princess flurry heart9702 whammy159 alicorn319585 pegasus507759 pony1628864 /mlp/5901 4chan6970 a better ending for cozy240 accessory theft580 amused617 belly button112915 cheek fluff9817 clothes645077 cozybetes1466 cozylove43 crown30586 cute269255 cutedance1631 dialogue95544 eyes closed141209 female1830016 filly99249 flurrybetes1197 foal46319 folded wings20979 grin64022 jewelry116234 lidded eyes49471 necklace33159 open mouth242823 plushie31205 regalia37396 shoes60868 sitting94361 smiling406112 speech bubble40890 standing26426 toy25745 wings229817