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Of course this is just an accident, nothing personal^^
Actually my thought was something like Fluttershy wants to swim in the pool but water is too cold for her so RD decided to help her with it)
I think you know how it happens, you just need to dip once and the water will no longer be as cold as it seems)
Anyway this is in the name of friendship and I am sure Fluttershy will understand it^^
Just decided to color my old sketch)

safe2176474 artist:yakovlev-vad594 fluttershy258892 rainbow dash280193 pegasus497356 pony1604684 g42031079 abuse9485 butt231596 buttcheeks245 chest fluff65690 concave belly5773 duo170731 duo female31039 duo focus2476 ear fluff50822 female1805005 flutterbuse734 flutterbutt8267 food101430 frog (hoof)20132 gritted teeth19450 high res407923 ice cream6654 ice cream cone1172 innocent530 kick897 kicking2672 leg fluff5146 looking up24068 mare742472 oops695 plot144324 prank1726 prankster dash19 pure unfiltered evil1990 pushing1112 rainbow douche436 raised leg11906 slender7148 sternocleidomastoid1773 swimming pool4189 thin10461 this will end in tears4337 underhoof69039


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Not only was Fluttershy forced into the pool (and not like she’ll fly off, because it is established though the show, that she forgets to fly even to save her life as when she was falling some time of a balloon with other ponies) and her ice cream is now ruined, but also the poses suggest she was back-kicked with a hoof on the butt, which, if it had enough inertia to push her, had to have been quite painful. That’s not uncool, it’s not a prank, it’s simply evil. Just a prank, bro! I hope Flutters was assertive about it (not murderous, but not a doormat) and Rainbow was sincerely sorry.
Background Pony #745D
I don’t know, this seems pretty in character for RD without artist’s context
Glad somebody else finally noticed this