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safe2119670 artist:velveagicsentryyt578 princess celestia110445 oc917772 oc:cosmos29 oc:galaxia22 oc:king cosmos39 oc:queen galaxia70 alicorn303082 pony1548565 g41934198 's parents28 baby15850 baby celestia37 baby pony9052 base used32605 bipedal47643 celestia and luna's father43 celestia and luna's mother61 cewestia1923 chestplate255 colored hooves10907 colored wings12957 crown28734 deviantart watermark5177 ethereal mane12783 ethereal tail1854 father and child2376 father and daughter3747 female1745925 filly93901 filly celestia467 flowing mane4474 flowing tail2974 foal40410 glowing horn28206 horn173214 husband and wife2212 jewelry107245 lidded eyes45258 like father like daughter121 like mother like daughter473 like parent like child601 magic93824 male529990 mare707811 mother and child5483 mother and daughter7934 mother and father118 multicolored tail2749 multicolored wings5064 obtrusive watermark7450 parent and child211 pillow24580 pink-mane celestia3074 previous generation85 regalia34846 stallion184519 standing on one leg1292 starry mane6856 starry tail837 sun8926 wall of tags6267 watermark23103 wings208751 young1904 younger22251


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