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The sad moment in My Little Pony: the Movie where Twilight wins the argument at Pinkie Pie yelled at Twilight, yelling how she's the only princess who doesn't trust her friends, making Twilight snap and furiously yell back saying "Well maybe I'm better off without friends like YOU!!" Those words completely crushed Pinkie, leaving her absolutely speechless and heartbroken, before Twilight relished what she just done.
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I guess you’re right. The Storm King’s the one responsible for dooming Equestria. Not Twilight. Thank goodness his victory was undone at the end of the film.
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That’s because when Spike alerts the Mane 5 that Twilight’s been taken by Tempest, the Mane 5 were shocked about this because they were wrong for letting Twilight get captured by the Storm King’s troops and taken back to the Storm King who had successfully fully conquered all of Equestria.
Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!

@Background Pony #5E03
My point still stands, Novo practically was being a selfish coward to everyone that's different from her and her subjects. The reason Twilight tried to steal the pearl, but I know her living to her friends was wrong, but she is trying to be serious about the Storm King situation. And the rest of the Mane 5 became serious (even Pinkie finally became serious) when Twilight screwed up.

And Twilight and her friends should've never fighted each other and abandoned Twilight at a time like this, I mean I couldn't believe it myself that they'd say those things to each other after everything they've been through together!

Their fight and leaving Twilight made it easier for Tempest and Storm King have
an opportunity to win, Twilight and her friends should've focused their grudge focused on those jerks they should be fighting with, not each other.

And again, the Storm King made a much bigger mistake than Twilight and the others did.
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@Background Pony #637A
Well, is Twilight responsible for failing at friendship, not trusting her friends while trying to steal the pearl and disobeying Queen Novo, being banished by Novo, lashing out at her friends, possibly being abandoned and possibly being betrayed by the Mane 5, ruining everything, and gives up saving Equestria from the Storm King’s tyranny over her homeland?
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Besides, why did Pinkie told Twilight that she’s the only one doesn’t trust her friends? Why?! Twilight would never do that!
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@Background Pony #637A
You mean that she betrayed them? Twilight would never do that! I can’t believe she did something stupid! She deliberately disobey Queen Novo about the pearl!
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@Background Pony #B2CD
Then the Mane 5 made a mistake abandoning Twilight which their fight made it easier for the real jerks they were supposed to be fighting with to capture her.

But the Storm King is the real jerk who made a much bigger mistake than Twilight and others did.

Just saying.
Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!

Twilight is officially the first character to win an argument and spit reality into Pinkie Pie's head, finally making her fully see the world isn't all sugar happy rainbows as they expected it to be )=

Brony. That's it.
"Jeez, when will Pinkie stop making a scene and make her friends believe that the one making her sad needs to stop? As if Pinkie is the main character." (+1) "Also, considering the show's continuous inconsistency in determining the one who is to blame, let's go ahead and add 10 sins."