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Smolder: Buh… Huh…. Wha…?
Silverstream: I think you broke her. Stop teasing her now ’Celly!
Ocellus: Huh? I’m not using any magic.
Gallus: *flicks her horn* Seriously?
Ocellus: Ouch! And Yes seriously.
Gallus: Huh. Who’d’ve thunk.
Yona: *sips her hot chocolate* Yona have friends
Sandbar: And friendship is magic!
Smolder: *facedesks*


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That actually makes sense, considering in the movie Tempest can still do magic with a broken horn. It’s just incredibly erratic and dangerous without the horn to properly focus and channel it.
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This + winged Yona = Princess Yona?
Who would win, Princess Smolder or Princess Yona?

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It might be exclusive to yak-based actions, like levitating a “#1 Yak” cup or giving motive form to a yak-shaped trophy.
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I think Staright Glimmer is using a wireless command transfer spell to do this just a an inch off screen.