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Last childhood's Summer

And here're we go. This time I decided to work on the "action" art. It's art when, you know, something happening. The movming, the feel of that it's not standing on one place and etc. I think.. not bad. There could be something better, but for first time — no bad at all.
safe1589253 artist:nevobaster205 oc613057 oc only413401 oc:delta vee553 pegasus244840 pony856354 boots19448 cute180898 female933473 glasses55520 gumboots3 happy27963 hat77546 mare421194 ocbetes4306 open mouth125003 playing1360 puddle899 rocket757 running5325 shoes30948 simple background349820 spread wings48395 toy20944 weapons-grade cute3252 white background88469 wings78981 younger15687


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