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Last childhood's Summer

And here're we go. This time I decided to work on the "action" art. It's art when, you know, something happening. The movming, the feel of that it's not standing on one place and etc. I think.. not bad. There could be something better, but for first time — no bad at all.
safe (1524422) artist:nevobaster (185) oc (574434) oc only (393883) oc:delta vee (514) pegasus (222186) pony (799550) boots (17639) cute (167554) female (849157) glasses (52043) gumboots (3) happy (26277) hat (72325) mare (388747) ocbetes (3951) open mouth (116273) playing (1300) puddle (859) rocket (719) running (5052) shoes (27667) simple background (325160) spread wings (45428) toy (20381) weapons-grade cute (2982) white background (81463) wings (65758) younger (14890)


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