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Doubt I'll do any more of the previous comic with Starlight cause I'm lazy but here's a new thingy that's related.
safe (1520059) artist:kingkrail (81) queen chrysalis (31312) starlight glimmer (41442) changeling (37284) pony (796289) unicorn (244250) breath (1101) evil grin (3585) fear (844) grin (30999) imminent bite (19) imminent vore (2015) light (1137) magic (62529) nervous (4760) nervous grin (630) sharp teeth (2862) shrunken pupils (2169) smiling (201730) sweat (21587) teeth (7178) tongue out (84641) victorious villian (1)


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Background Pony #CEDC
Follow-up of Chryssi draining all the "love" from Starlight's helpless body<3?
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