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Cookies - What could be more important in pony world ?  
Am… Okay, Muffins more important, but this is too “hard” even for Celestia
Anyway, Luna loved this Cookies and she will avenge for this)  
Kek, Avenger Luna X)  
And just another random thought for sisters theme)
P.s. Could you imagine how would sounds a pony swearing? :D I am not^^

safe2175700 artist:yakovlev-vad594 princess celestia112754 princess luna117238 alicorn314745 pony1603993 g42030486 angry36683 belly43823 concave belly5437 cookie5031 eating13404 female1804273 floppy ears73050 food101381 glasses88789 mare742003 monochrome175113 open mouth237836 rage1788 ribcage469 royal sisters6735 siblings21845 simple background597025 sisters17991 sitting92473 slender6803 stuffing1734 thin10008 this will end in nightmare moon9 white background162083


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~Wants to squish yo bed~
“Could you imagine what a pony swearing sounds like?”
Ever heard a Mack truck with an air assisted starter?  
Probably a lot like that…