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I’m aware Flurry is missing her tail lol  
Also I ship this
safe1754958 artist:katsuforov-chan16 artist:shiiazu84 luster dawn1662 princess flurry heart7516 alicorn233570 pony1014744 unicorn344045 the last problem6107 blushing205238 colored pupils10174 colored wings6595 couple5657 cutie mark49912 digital art20229 duo65070 duo female12031 ear fluff31419 female1405551 flurrydawn26 glasses64948 gradient mane976 gradient wings818 jewelry68757 lesbian99447 looking at each other21556 mare503998 no tail1563 older27900 older flurry heart1591 peytral3798 ponytail18954 regalia21236 shipping206150 signature27137 simple background410513 transparent background209440 wings123877


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