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Man did this piece gave me trouble _ I really need to practice more environment and natural colors … But overall I'm quite happy with it c:

I didn't change Discord's design a lot as to me, he's design is already unique and great! Just tried to arrange just a liiiiiittle bit and shaved him xD

My headcanon is that Discord wants to infiltrate the unicorn planet and sees Fluttershy, he sees that she is super kind and that she likes animals so he'll take that on his advantage to concur the planet … or something xD

I hope you like it!
safe1750737 artist:zlayd-oodles36 discord31829 fluttershy217269 bird8778 draconequus12827 pony1010691 rabbit5594 squirrel1052 unicorn342362 animal4664 bush2828 dappled sunlight304 discord (g5)16 female1402084 flower26707 flower in hair8075 fluttershy (g5 concept leak)272 forest10559 g5 concept leak style967 g5 concept leaks950 hooves18298 male388095 mare502270 redesign2506 scenery8231 sunlight1332 tree33523 unicorn fluttershy256 unshorn fetlocks27187 vine1340


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You know, one way someone could gently shake up Discord's design is by giving him lighter patches of giraffe spots on a single-piece, continuous neck.
Background Pony #4E40
Without a beard, Discord looks like a confused snake-deer. I love it

He looks younger without it as well. I hope they make him younger in the reboot. I love John, but he's an expensive actor. If they made Discord younger, they could get a less expensive actor and he could appear in more episodes.
Background Pony #2227
Is this G5 Fluttershy? I really hope Hasbro goes with this design and stop this Pony Life nonsense.