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And here is it. Well, I wanted to make this cutie for like few hours… but I spend more time because I wanted to make a nice colors of art with golden artists rules.

Hope you enjoy with art!

Also I opened a discord server. There is still NSFW channels, but you can hide it and be safe from that. Invite here :
safe1576256 artist:nevobaster199 twilight sparkle282841 butterfly6290 pony846314 unicorn266500 bed36334 book30667 city3731 clothes409337 cute177535 earbuds715 female899884 glasses54967 high res21405 mare415841 messy mane7050 pillow15456 plushie21861 sitting55027 sitting on bed51 socks56817 solo973548 striped socks19163 tablet604 twiabetes10257 unicorn twilight12922 waking up762 window7255


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