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Yona: Also why does Ocellus have seaweed on her face.
Ocellus: It’s not seaweed! if I try to change species without a specific creature to copy, I have to base it’s design on my own!
Silverstream: Oooooh. That explains how you could turn into Professor Rarity, but then turn into a turquoise bugbear!
Ocellus: Exactly!
Smolder: Must be weird to change into creatures who all have different attributes. Like going from a flightless creature to one with magic
Silverstream: So if we asked you to turn into an Alicorn, but didn’t specify an Alicorn, we’d get an Ocellicorn?
Sandbar: Ocellicorn sounds like something you’d get when you step on a thorn or something…
Gallus: So. Question. We saw you turn into a rock. Does that mean you could also turn into a box? And if so, can we ma-
Ocellus: You cannot mail me!
Gallus: Darn.


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Being able to shapeshift can cause strange things to happen with identity, she may talk about herself as a design because she designs all the other things she shapeshifts into, (and doesn’t have a good reference) her default form may just be a design she made, or the difference between default and created forms just doesn’t exist in her mind, each created form is as much her image as her default.  
Just a thought.
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I have to base it’s design on my own!
Two problems with this. First, it’s “its”, not “it’s”. Secondly, Ocellus (as a character) wouldn’t say that she has a design, like a fictional character that is drawn and doesn’t exist. She’d say “I have to base its design on what I look like!”
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Either somepony did a really good job describing a kirin, or Ocellus has visited them before.
Twilight Sparkle did have some ancient Ponish artwork showing kirin. And I’m sure Ocellus is enough of a bookworm that she’d research other creatures just to see if she could transform into them.