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S1E14 — Suited for Success
A bit overdue, whoops
prepare for an epic brony reference
safe (1504036) artist:wenni (213) rainbow dash (211882) rarity (163828) pegasus (213728) pony (780998) unicorn (234483) series:pony re-watch (32) suited for success (709) 20% cooler (363) art of the dress (71) clothes (382832) dialogue (55065) dock (40889) dress (37129) duo (43723) female (828263) gala dress (4112) high res (18998) lidded eyes (21949) mare (376258) math (757) rarity's glasses (285) scene interpretation (7305) speech bubble (18682)


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Monde de merde
No, I think he refers to the G1 pony Wind Whistler who was the intellectual of the bunch (Dash's mom doesn't really have much in common with her, except for being both pegasi mares with a blue coat and very similar names).
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