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"Cutie Mark Crusaders bear wranglers! Yeah!" The CMC apparently are having another sleepover at Fluttershy's cottage, and seem to be having fun playing with Harry the Bear before heading off to bed. For his part Harry doesn't seem to mind. Especially if Sweetie Belle keeps scratching him behind his right ear.
safe (1504054) artist:baron engel (1615) apple bloom (45202) harry (451) scootaloo (47994) sweetie belle (45378) anthro (214419) bear (945) earth pony (173401) pegasus (213739) unguligrade anthro (39987) unicorn (234505) clothes (382836) cutie mark crusaders (16945) female (828275) filly (55497) grayscale (32622) monochrome (140194) pajamas (2725) pencil drawing (6970) simple background (317008) story included (7010) stuffed toy (217) traditional art (103646) white background (79244)


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