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did the black magic necessary to keep twitter from hogging this beautiful creation to themselves.

>>2245943 is the still image.
safe1600768 artist:shydale325 oc616859 oc only412714 oc:yodi300 original species22186 pony869587 snake2495 snake pony556 unicorn279176 :33979 animated93481 blue background4309 collar29661 cute183661 floppy ears47171 flying35123 frame by frame3782 glasses55878 gray background6098 horn49703 male338631 no sound3584 ocbetes4355 simple background354617 slit eyes4072 slit pupils602 smiling221172 solo992483 stallion95969 tailcopter69 webm11100


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19 comments posted
Brony Eddie

Techie unicorn
I don't know but I think this can be used as element in horror game/ movie

Just try imagine something like this flying towards you