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Obscure references FTW
RD: What’s the password?  
TS: This is Twilight Sparkle. Open up.  
RD: Wrong password. Not even close.  
TS: I have a troop of Yaks with nothing to do. If you’d like, I can tell them to tear down this building and turn it into a park.  
RD: [Beat] Close enough.
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Twilight: “The line? Oh shoot, I forgot.”
Dash: “‘I forgot…’ what?”
Twilight: “I forgot the line!”
Dash: “Okay, that was almost right. See, the line begins with ‘I forgot,’ but the rest is different. Try again!”
Twilight: “No, I mean I forgot the line!”
Dash: “No, you got it wrong again. See, y’said the same thing as last time!”
Twilight: “I’m being serious! I don’t know what the line is!”
Dash: “Nnnnno, you changed the first part. See, that was the part you had right, but now you got the whole thing wrong!”
Twilight: “NO! I forgot how the line goes, and I need you to open the door!”
Dash: “…Come on, Twi, now you’re just guessing.”