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A peak at the Shy house and her monthly tea party guests.
Sonata is currently residing with Fluttershy as a reformee-in-the-works.
Dragon Lord Ember regularly visits The School of Friendship as Cinder’s guardian.
And Discord just refuses to leave sometimes.

Historically, Dragons and Sirens have never gotten along. Both highly territorial beasts in their own rights, they are sooner to initiate a all-out brawl before they would even consider sitting together for a meal. However, for the sake of the small, kind and generous host, they may find the means to make peace with each other if only for the night. A Draconequus however, will never refuse the chance to watch them struggle over it.

safe2174460 artist:overlordneon164 discord37549 fluttershy258614 princess ember8660 sonata dusk16412 draconequus20324 dragon85416 pegasus496537 pony1602606 siren2571 g42028965 cloven hooves16590 digital art29459 dragoness14171 female1802815 fetlock fins8 fluttershy's cottage2158 glare9054 group7964 high res407847 male550761 mare741104 older39976 older ember53 older fluttershy1067 quartet1394 question mark6734 rivalry283 scar16469 speech bubble39403


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I believe that they would not get along, but I’m doubtful there would be a historical record of it. Yes, it makes sense that both are highly territorial, and would not be very tolerant of other large predators. However, their primary territories don’t really cross. Dragons like dry, hot areas with lots of lava, and Sirens are oceanic creatures that live, at the closest, along the shore line. The two of them are rather mutually exclusive.
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I know its SFW but damn I’m aroused xD they are SOOOOO big and sexy!!! XD
Ghost of Zeon

Embers face says one wrong move and ill kill this hitch
Sonatas look says oh yay some one want to wrestle I love to wrestle let’s play.
Fluttershys face says ….. what’s going on?……
And Discord is just plain loving the chaos
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Is that a gaping hole in Sonata’s chest? I’ve always wondered what sirens would look like with their chest gems gone.
All of the Dazzlings look hella cute as sirens.
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Discord you little troll. We’re trying to teach Sonata about friendship and not how to pretend to like someone.
But why do I find Sonata in her siren form so hella cute? I want to find out how to properly massage her enormous body.
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Fluttershy: A harem?  
Discord: well in those human comics, it is when a guy has more than one waifu