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safe2197125 artist:klystron2010166 artist:tjpones edits629 edit174818 pinkie pie258304 rainbow dash282813 twilight sparkle361003 earth pony514532 pegasus507201 pony1627566 unicorn549382 g42052974 animated127493 bed59011 cute269069 dashabetes12472 dialogue95450 diapinkes12747 eye shimmer1469 female1828418 hoofy-kicks867 lift me up1 looking up24526 mare757726 moby3 music4674 open mouth242544 singing8585 sound17336 twiabetes15508 upsies165 webm26456


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Background Pony #53DD
Two of you literally have wings. You can get up here anytime you want. Don’t leave Pinkie behind. Yes, I have space for all three.

Actually I can’t remember which was RealPlayer and which was QuickTime, and then there was also DivX…and maybe something called Shockwave? It’s hazy. I used the music player with the abstract animation thingie, whatever that was.

I didn’t notice there was audio before…
I remember listening to this song over and over in my dorm with the Realplayer abstract animation thing doing its stuff. It was a preview you could download from Moby’s website before the album came out. I was really into it back then.
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it’s been a few weeks since I laughed like that. not like that strong exhale through your nose funny, but full on uncontrolled giggle laughs that bugged my family