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It’s time for our revenge!  
Pinkie Pie made a joke on us … she took a picture straight to our face! The camera flash made us fall and touch AJ’s butt! (unintentionally of course >_<).
She runs laughing, while we chase her!  
You: “Pinkie! come here!” - argg, she really is fast!
Pinkie leaves the resort and hides on a small beach.. Hmm, we move away from the rest of the girls, maybe she’s preparing another joke?.  
We started walking to look for her, but we are not lucky. In front of us, we see a small hill … sure we can find her if we climb there!!
You: “Haha! Prepare yourself Pinkie..”  
From the hill we see nothing. What a disappointment!! But when we leave that place, something falls on us and scares us !!!
Pinkie: “BOOOH!.. hahaha!!”  
You: “WOAAH!!” - * Both fall in the sand *
It’s Pinkie Pie !, but from where ….!  
Pinkie: “I scared you dummy? ;-)”  
You: “yes!… ahmm,, hey wh-what are you doing… O_o”
Pinkie is slowly approaching us, her face is very close … VERY CLOSE !! o///o  
Pinkie: “Always Twilight, always Fluttershy, Sunset… It’s not fair… * Giggles *
She is getting closer and closer … please, someone HELP !!… Just then, we heard Rainbow Dash calling us. Thanks God!!  
Pinkie: “Aww.. oh well, it will be the next time heheh xD”  
You: “AAAHH… “ RIP … x_x
LEL!! I hope you like the drawing guys! Cheers!  
The mini-story with AJ and PP ends here
PS: If you like my content, don’t forget to give me a “watch” .. so you will know immediately when I publish or update the drawings!!  
PS2: Agregame en league of legend servidor LAN -> JayceEsMiPastor! y apliquemos talento en Arams o normales xD  

suggestive165180 artist:charliexe417 pinkie pie233053 equestria girls226140 barefoot31388 beach18330 bedroom eyes68832 breasts324190 cleavage39221 clothes533356 female1536710 frilled swimsuit271 lip bite13151 looking at you203596 ocean8672 off shoulder1414 pink swimsuit267 show accurate22035 solo1210971 story included10685 swimsuit33408 undressing5727


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