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Commission for: anon

*Insert Spongebob joke here*
suggestive (120400) artist:anibaruthecat (834) silverstream (4828) anthro (214684) hippogriff (7532) ass (38865) blue underwear (2113) blushing (165048) breasts (221132) busty silverstream (143) butt (18533) clothes (383181) embarrassed (9403) female (829125) frilly underwear (3960) hooky (7) open mouth (113366) panties (43886) seashell bra (73) solo (927053) solo female (161487) spongebob squarepants (2481) streambutt (88) torn clothes (4027) underwear (52511) wedgie (1382)


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I can see that she wearing a seashell bra, for when she's going into the water. I'm just not sure what she'll do with her panties though.
Background Pony #F103
If only she could influence her immediate gravity somehow. Perhaps with some kind of feathery levitation appendages.
(Not that Silverstream doesn't seem dim enough to forget that she has wings.)
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*timid squawking*
"How could they be dangerous? They're covered with free cheese!!"

"All I know is that Headmare Starlight sai— Silverstream! Don't do that!"

"Lighten up, will ya? Or will I have to eat all this cheese by mysel— AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH"