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Cozy Glow goes to the store and tries to make a purchase

safe2172743 artist:jargon scott3125 autumn blaze5429 cozy glow9568 pegasus495830 pony1600920 g42027245 alcohol10136 andy milonakis3 beer2279 beer bottle433 blatant lies1674 crystal skull vodka2 dialogue92682 fake id26 female1801065 hoof hold12941 id card330 kirin beer122 mare740015 offscreen character52211 open mouth237222 smol1371 solo focus29318


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Background Pony #5BF5
“You’re lucky you don’t have the Zach Galifianakis disease.”  
“…what’s that one do?”  
“You have a compulsion to sit between two ferns.”  
“That’s weird.”  
“You’re weird.”  
“Your face is weird.”  
“I thought you weren’t a little kid.”  
“And I thought this was a liquor store, but here we are.”
Background Pony #5BF5
@Digital Seapony  
Oh, she’s very skilled, no doubt. But when you’re doing a popculture “shout out,” it’s normal to be as on-the-nose as possible. It’d be like having a character based on the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini version of The Joker and not having him voiced by Mark Hamill.
Background Pony #5BF5
That’s “Baby Doll,” one of the villains from the 1990s Bruce Timm “Batman” series. She is a former child actress with a horrible medical condition (and one that exists in the real world–see also, Gary Coleman) that means she’ll never grow up and will look like a little kid until she dies, which will very likely be long before she gets anywhere near a normal lifespan. This makes her somewhat more sympathetic than most of Batman’s villains.
Cozy Glow has her hairdo, her attitude, her psychotic desire for power and obsession with revenge, her extreme and terrifying cunning, and her tactic of pretending to be cute and friendly until it’s time not to be cute and friendly any more, though not her sympathetic background (or any background at all).
In different episodes Baby Doll was voiced by Alison LaPlaca and Lorraine Newman. I am actually a little surprised Hasbro cast Sunni Westbrook to voice Cozy Glow since it seems pretty obvious that this is one of them there meta popculture reference things, but maybe the others were busy, or asked for too much money.