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fixed Gallus chest.

Gallus: Thank you, uploader.
Both, Sandbar and Silverstream: Awww! frown
Gallus: grabs yellow paint bucket
Silverstream: breaths in No way!
Gallus: splat paint on mouth, neck and belly feathers Well la.
Silverstream: I love you, Gallus! Can I kiss you?
Gallus: Don't even!
Silverstream: pouts then she and Sandbar hoof/talon pump
safe (1488507) artist:gooeybird (49) artist:sintakhra (829) color edit (6516) edit (106601) edited screencap (49104) screencap (184921) gallus (4971) sandbar (4152) silverstream (4696) griffon (22577) hippogriff (7339) pony (766754) blue (1053) blue feathers (5) color correction (39) colored (16144) colored wing (1) female (813041) low angle (1175) male (276828) mistakes were made (58) normal (18) raised arm (179) raised hoof (34452) right color (1) version 2 (7)


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