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safe1638732 artist:angelina-pax37 artist:dianamur114 artist:pixelkitties1186 applejack164514 fluttershy205593 pinkie pie209858 rainbow dash226505 rarity175879 trixie64997 twilight sparkle291664 oc642595 oc:anarchy gear7 alicorn210959 cyborg3615 pony904434 alcohol6774 amputee4471 boots20501 cellphone3143 christmas13721 christmas lights1711 christmas tree4068 clothes435372 cute189570 earmuffs1156 eyeshadow14432 fainting couch893 female1304569 flarity1547 glass4369 hat81720 holiday18992 hoof hold7836 lesbian93042 makeup19760 mane six30836 mare449457 miniskirt4880 mistletoe1717 mystery box of plot importance274 open mouth133333 phone5616 pigtails4512 pinkie spy229 pleated skirt4012 plushie22923 prosthetic leg799 prosthetic limb2795 prosthetics3238 raised hoof42033 santa hat5973 scarf22284 shipping191508 shoes33533 show accurate12824 skirt37715 smartphone1725 socks62005 striped socks20552 sweater13889 tree30360 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119903 vest3702 wine2432 wine glass1363 ych result19235


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