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safe1640446 artist:charliexe315 fluttershy205788 equestria girls191359 adorasexy9153 beautiful5256 beautisexy677 clothes436082 crepuscular rays2559 cute189809 digital art15921 dress42256 female1306058 legs7776 schrödinger's pantsu354 sexy27463 shyabetes12778 sitting59109 smiling230516 solo1020772 thighs10882 updated425 url105


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Background Pony #5080
Awwwwwwww! This is just TOO cute! Fluttershy is sooooo adorable and beautiful! The yellow dress she's wearing here is just so, so adorable! Her hair in a ponytail is adorable too! Come here my little angel! hugs Flutty and cuddles her

Fluttershy: giggles You're quiet the cuddler, my little cutie!

Me: I can say the exact same thing about you, Flutty, my little angel!
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