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safe (1483360) artist:charliexe (219) fluttershy (189655) human (135648) equestria girls (167123) adorasexy (8096) beautiful (3937) beautisexy (227) clothes (375026) crepuscular rays (2265) cute (159451) digital art (8352) dress (36553) female (808229) legs (5824) schrödinger's pantsu (234) sexy (20294) shyabetes (10232) sitting (49047) smiling (193349) solo (912494) updated (379) url (87)


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Background Pony #7DA7
Awwwwwwww! This is just TOO cute! Fluttershy is sooooo adorable and beautiful! The yellow dress she's wearing here is just so, so adorable! Her hair in a ponytail is adorable too! Come here my little angel! hugs Flutty and cuddles her

Fluttershy: giggles You're quiet the cuddler, my little cutie!

Me: I can say the exact same thing about you, Flutty, my little angel!
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