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explicit393434 artist:coinpo248 edit148372 fluttershy229649 human181786 pegasus365363 pony1227719 art pack:no consent required39 anatomically correct27647 bed46907 belly button89919 blindfold4932 drool28040 female1519159 femsub12319 floppy ears60160 frog (hoof)16041 human male7203 human male on mare3834 human on pony action11243 interspecies25674 male428623 male pov8178 maledom6399 mare567761 nudity424223 offscreen character40326 on back27748 on bed4967 open mouth179544 penetration68361 pov15979 sensory deprivation512 sex138979 straight151598 submissive20267 tongue out119986 underhoof58383 vaginal45717 vulva148281


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Background Pony #AAF0
@Background Pony #5D1E  
I don’t understand it either. It’s very unhealthy in my view.
Which is why I appreciate this edit, it makes it so much nicer when it’s consensual. Congrats to the well adjusted individual who made this wonderful edit.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Artist -

Well, composition of that picture is out of whack by that edit, her facial expression doesn’t make much sense anymore.