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I’ve been wanting to draw this adorable version of Twilight since I watched it at the end of October and I finally had time!

I really like how the sketches I do on the iPad look, so I ended up just cleaning one and colored it instead of lining
safe (1484713) artist:cutepencilcase (484) twilight sparkle (269394) alicorn (175494) pony (763549) the last problem (2943) spoiler:s09e26 (3099) alternate hairstyle (22233) cheek fluff (3537) clothes (375533) coronation dress (471) cute (159655) dress (36588) ear fluff (19692) female (809600) hoof shoes (3336) leg fluff (1998) mare (365502) open mouth (110468) outline (611) second coronation dress (119) simple background (309519) solo (913398) transparent background (161347) twiabetes (9049) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107256) two toned wings (1112) wings (58936)


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