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I’ve been wanting to draw this adorable version of Twilight since I watched it at the end of October and I finally had time!

I really like how the sketches I do on the iPad look, so I ended up just cleaning one and colored it instead of lining
safe1635875 artist:cutepencilcase496 twilight sparkle291245 alicorn210254 pony901013 the last problem5257 alternate hairstyle26226 cheek fluff4936 clothes434105 coronation dress650 cute189090 dress42086 ear fluff26117 female1302022 hoof shoes4716 leg fluff2796 mare448091 open mouth132845 outline1013 second coronation dress211 simple background369492 solo1017502 transparent background191986 twiabetes11071 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119724 two toned wings2355 wings92231


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