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Autumn really loves carrots…. like realllllly loves carrots.
safe1727914 artist:angelbeat-drift38 oc698278 oc only456377 oc:autumn harvest66 bat pony50952 human156815 pony988098 animated99706 basket3141 bat pony oc18219 braid5987 carrot2128 colored pupils9931 cute202998 ear tufts492 excited3017 eye shimmer1237 eyes on the prize5497 female1382151 food71551 gif31611 hand8888 happy31733 heart eyes17101 herbivore1144 holding3264 horses doing horse things1248 mare491407 mouth hold17772 nom3077 ocbetes5523 offscreen character34973 offscreen human256 raised hoof47522 simple background401476 smiling254496 solo focus17187 sparkles4651 spread wings55784 stomping654 tan background334 wingding eyes22887 wings111545 yellow background1473


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Background Pony #5F1F
This is the cutest thing ever. Her excited little hooffie stompies make me want to pick her up and hug her.
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