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suggestive145386 artist:johnjoseco4444 sunset shimmer63823 human156630 comic:enjoying the sunset20 equestria girls203063 bedroom eyes60247 blushing200835 breasts283142 clothes466837 comic110193 comic cover689 cover2950 explicit source4957 eyeshadow16065 female1380501 heart eyes17063 human coloration5260 humanized100862 jacket12767 leather1173 leather jacket3323 lidded eyes31207 looking at you171950 makeup22088 miniskirt5018 panties50831 sexy30032 shirt25490 skirt40348 skirt lift4774 thighs14294 underwear61626 undressing5277 white underwear3548 wingding eyes22839


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Background Pony #100A
Que comic más hermoso ver a sunset ser follada por los wondercolts es una obra de arte ojalá que tú siguiente comic sea con flash follando con sunset y que flash se corra dentro de ella buen trabajo johnjoseco supérate más en tus futuros trabajos
Background Pony #8A86
It's easy to criticize and nitpick from the sidelines, but if you want to actually change anything, put your money where your mouth is. You're welcome to spend hundreds of dollars to commission JJ to draw a more artisticially/politically/ethically/morally/etc relevant topic. But don't blame JJ for someone else's commission. Next thing you'll be asking is him to draw your stuff for free because it's more artistically in line with your views.

Just say you don't like it and move on.

That's sad that Johnjoseco has fallen so far that he's now literally making flat-out porno that looks like something you would see on a shelf in an Adult Film store between "Girls Gone Wild" and Playboy, complete with the stupid sex-pun title and bold-lettered "ADULTS ONLY" warning label.*

*This comment is constructive artistic criticism solely for the purposes of providing thoughtful feedback for the artist to take into artistic consideration.

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Holy Shit! This comic came out of nowhere and I love it! We need to give him all the praise we can for this because this was amazing! I hope this means he intends to make more mlp porn for a while.
Background Pony #F51B
Holy shit. Joseco creating a full comic and it's MLP in 2019.
Strange times.