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Was asked to do a dumb caption. Here's what came to mind.
safe1637045 artist:captain metric5 artist:moozua231 edit125457 fluttershy205401 pegasus264849 pony902077 big eyes960 blushing186101 caption20482 crying41511 crying cat18 cute189288 dilated pupils590 female1302974 floppy ears48724 hoof hold7823 hooves17150 image macro36544 looking at you156400 mare448552 mcdonald's583 meme80172 microphone4731 offscreen character31894 ponified animal photo584 ponified meme808 sad23435 sadorable786 shyabetes12727 solo focus16024 teary eyes3703 text54924


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Background Pony #8313
If it's anything like the one I worked at, a few smacks with a mallet will get the ice cream machine up and running again.
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