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Artist Desc:
*UPDATE: I should have remembered to put a watermark or URL for my Deviant Art on this. It got a bit popular and someone on Twitter didn’t realize it was my art cuz they got it on 4chan. My fault, sorry.

Time for another ponified meme! Woman (Tirek) yelling at cat (Cozy Glow) meme!

I have seen some people ponify this meme before and I originally wanted to have it be Rarity yelling at Opal but then this came to mind and it was too good. I will have a blank version available as a print someday so you can insert your own text! :D

Background by !
safe (1459913)artist:aleximusprime (1217)artist:mlp-silver-quill (372)cozy glow (4676)lord tirek (4187)queen chrysalis (29987)centaur (2063)changeling (34105)changeling queen (8674)pegasus (198392)pony (725023)angry (20607)behaving like a cat (1649)black sclera (1365)cookie (2989)cozybetes (424)cupcake (4529)cute (154276)cutealis (1524)evil (2385)evil lair (176)fangs (18397)female (786959)filly (52470)floppy ears (42260)food (53117)frown (20044)glare (7708)grogar's lair (175)group (2504)lair (187)legion of doom (199)lidded eyes (19918)male (267470)male and female (97)meme (74402)meme parody (13)open mouth (107634)plate (1280)pointing (3285)ponified meme (381)scared (8162)table (7264)tirek yelling at cozy glow (5)villain teamup (14)wide eyes (14994)woman yelling at a cat (23)yelling (2550)


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BronyCon might not be around anymore, but that doesn’t mean all of the brony conventions are gone. There’s still Everfree Northwest, TrotCon, BABSCon, and tons of international conventions.
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