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¿Recuerdan lo obsesionada que estaba Twilight tratando de conseguir lógica al "Sentido Pinkie"?,

¿y cómo se resignó al no encontrarla?

Buscándole sentido a esto… me siento igual…

Do you remember how obsessed Twilight was trying to get logic to the "Pinkie Sense"

And how did he resign himself when he didn't find her?

Looking for meaning in this … I feel the same …
safe1640217 artist:grotezco126 sunset shimmer60107 human148706 pony905816 unicorn295813 breaking the fourth wall845 cape9751 captain underpants20 clothes436000 crossover60062 determined703 evil grin4166 female1305901 fourth wall2196 grin35618 male351392 mare450191 pointing3845 pose5396 simple background371133 smiling230466 spanish4257 superhero1597 superhero pose4 underpants24 underwear58196


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