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At least a week ago I had a zombie related dream, running/parkouring through an endless hallway avoiding many zombies. The environment was one of those desert type places when almost every building didn't have a roof, hallway did not have a roof so yeah. At some point I saw the yellow ones so I decided to pick them up while running from the zombies, they told me to keep going straight which ended at a big wooden gate. So me and some random guy that was with me closed the gate and locked it, but we were forced to push against the door so then the zombies wouldn't break it or something. I turned my back to the door to give more strength on it, as I turned I noticed there was eight of these little ponies which for some reason they gathered up into a big bush, constantly moving around in it. Then everything went to hell when a helicopter came in and ended up like this → www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSkRZc… except my buddy died and I got shot in the stomach, then he started doing target with his magnum on the fillies missing on purpose probably(or the fillies were just to fast) and he was right in front of me. Did this for at least 2-3 minutes while I was holding up the gate, then I decided to hell with it and I charged at him about to wrap my hands around his neck but…as soon as my hands reached his neck I woke up. For some reason every time I have a dream that's suppose to have an ending and or when I'm sooooo close to the ending I immediately wake up, pissed off every time due to not reaching the end. So yeah that's pretty much how half of my dreams go, also my sight is a little blurry in my dreams(unable to see specific details).

Alright now the ponies here will go through some changes due to many reasons such as their adult forms, no names, no cutie marks, kinda first time drawing a filly/colt, etc. So if you want comment something below that could probably help with the name/etc pony process. And thank you for reading this, also just a reminder their are pieces of mine that do have an interesting description if you pay attention to that which also helps you understand more about many of my characters such as the many persona's of me such as Chase, Compund, etc. and other stuff such as my Enenras or just explaining on how you/your character can be in my comics/pieces.

Green pony → https://www.deviantart.com/didun850/art/Mlp-oc-Elude-560516905

Purple pony → "https://www.deviantart.com/didun850/art/Mlp-Haze-576370862:https://www.deviantart.com/didun850/art/Mlp-Haze-576370862

Ps: Leave a Comment considering even though I don't replay I do read them and such, it lets me know that your still checking me out which makes my day, thank you.

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