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Thank you for your talented skills, symptom99. Really means a lot.

Name of the comic: Generosity Restored.
safe1639173 artist:symptom99205 flash sentry12354 nightmare rarity2903 rarity175921 comic:generosity restored1 equestria girls191114 aftermath254 alive19 armor22703 awakening52 bedroom eyes56113 black eye1038 blushing186427 blushing profusely1855 broken horn13450 caring66 clothes435536 comic104696 commission61317 conversation635 crying41556 crystal guard armor333 crystal guardian334 damaged110 dark magic2635 dark samus27 dialogue62027 dirt729 emotional145 equestria girls-ified9079 eye contact6298 eyes open206 eyeshadow14437 female1304989 gasp907 geode of shielding1930 grass8894 grass field629 hand on chin87 hand on face110 hand on head1979 happiness95 happy29488 hero152 holding2849 holding head2583 horn55788 horned humanization6560 hug26753 implied pony of shadows8 injured3209 kissing23453 lidded eyes28896 looking at each other18324 looking down7867 loving gaze116 lying down13278 lying on the ground129 magic69728 magical geodes7967 makeup19767 male351084 messy hair868 metroid429 metroid prime25 nightmarified534 open mouth133421 phazon23 rock4219 screaming3154 sentrity112 shipping191537 sky12913 smiling230229 speech bubble21697 straight129962 sunrise1057 surprise hug56 surprise kiss767 surprised8720 talking5051 tears of joy2319 teeth8298 touch321 transformation10132 waking up783


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