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I'm not really much of a shipper, but I have been mentally trying to figure out what the mane six's spawn would look like. Why? I dunno, I just thought it'd be interesting. I basically just went with the most popular ships, or the relationships that were hinted at in canon.

From left to right:

Storm Front- Dash/Soarin
Panini- Pinkie/Cheese
Applebuck- Applejack/Caramel
Obsidian- Rarity/Fancypants
Marigold- Fluttershy/Big Mac
Nova Bright- Twilight/Flash

I also arranged them by age here, so Storm Front is the oldest (which is why she is so tall) and Nova is the youngest. The reason for this is that Rainbow Dash is the most reckless of the six… So it stood to reason that she'd be the most likely to accidentally get herself knocked up. Pinkie wasn't too much better, and ending up partying too hard some time later. Applejack and Rarity both settled down before having their sons. Fluttershy was too nervous to, well, do anything with Big Mac, and Mac was too polite to ask (for a while, anyways), and finally, with Twilight being royalty and Flash being in the royal guard, it took them a while to even consider having kids.

I'd also like to bring up some of the colors.
Storm Front has Rainbow Blaze's coat color, variations of Soarin's mane color, and Dash's eyes
Panini's coloring is based off of Cheese Sandwich and the rest of the Pies, though she has Pinkie's eyes
Buck and Obsidian's are self explainatory
Marigold has lighter shades of her father's coloring, with her mom's eyes
And finally, the Nova's coat is a variation of Flash's, and her mane is based off of Twilight Velvet's

And… I guess that's it. I did gave them all personalities, but I don't really feel like writing them out here. Maybe some I'll explain them one day, if anyone really cares
safe (1482699) artist:graciegirl328 (35) oc (554345) oc:applebuck (2) oc:marigold (130) oc:nova bright (1) oc:obsidian (81) oc:panini (2) oc:storm front (9) earth pony (165927) pegasus (206044) pony (761840) unicorn (225543) blank flank (6511) colt (12039) female (807624) filly (54102) lined paper (4005) male (274966) next generation (5569) no pupils (2979) offspring (30561) parent:applejack (2908) parent:big macintosh (2248) parent:caramel (635) parent:cheese sandwich (1444) parent:fancypants (658) parent:flash sentry (2303) parent:fluttershy (3541) parent:pinkie pie (3243) parent:rainbow dash (4508) parent:rarity (3161) parent:soarin' (1976) parent:twilight sparkle (6530) parents:carajack (593) parents:cheesepie (1244) parents:flashlight (1987) parents:fluttermac (904) parents:raripants (448) parents:soarindash (1494)


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