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Lyra Heartstrings doesn’t belong to me, but Wind Blade is mine.

So. I’ve been getting this a lot lately: "Your OC looks like Lyra." "She’s unoriginal, looks like a rip-off of Lyra." "She reminds me of Lyra." "I thought she was Lyra with wings."

And frankly, I’m getting super peeved by it. People these days must be colourblind; they’re not even the same. Damn. Colour. Except for the whites in the hair. If you look closely, Lyra’s eyes are more amber, while Wind Blade’s eyes are pure yellow. Honestly, how do you even look at a blue pony and think she’s a green pony????

Hey look, school gave me an art block too. Just what I needed.


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Nightmare Fuel
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the wild card
it’s not just a matter of colour. it’s also shape. both of them got similar manes and tails, and they do have similar colours. when people say that your oc looks like lyra, it’s best to make some minor changes, not just deflect what others have to say.
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Reminding that there are a lot of other people in DeviantArt that gets the same look from others. It kinda feels awkward to these artists, also for me.
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Violet Rose
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They look a lot more distinct from each other on my main monitor than my second monitor. Color contrast can vary a lot, and different people also internally draw the lines of what point in cyan/aquamarine green actually turns to blue in different places as well.

But really, the way I see it, so what if she did look like Lyra? There are a finite number of color combinations to pick from, and show ponies frequently have combinations that are the ideal match for each other. Why should we limit ourselves to only color combinations that haven’t been used before, especially when that’s often going to amount to aesthetic second-bests? If you had decided (and you clearly didn’t, but just making a point) that Lyra’s colors were perfect for your character, they spoke to you and you wanted them, I don’t see why anything would be wrong with just using them.

Reasonably speaking, somewhere in Equestria there’s always going to be multiple ponies with the same color. This is a fan character, you’re not trying to sell toys or establish a brand, so it’s not like viewer confusion matters either – if people think they look similar, they can think that, but if they try to make an issue of it, just remind them of the facts. And if they still keep on after that, well, they’re not being very respectful, so no reason to listen further.
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