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Sticker set from the brilliant Shepherd!

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safe1635783 artist:stupidshepherd13 oc640668 oc only425673 oc:peregrine94 griffon25518 :p7989 aiming111 angry25467 annoyed5256 behaving like a bird566 behaving like a cat2042 birb293 blushing185848 blushing profusely1845 catbird107 derp6538 disembodied hand2642 drool23544 embarrassed10751 gold1012 griffon oc1846 gun15313 hand8252 handgun2582 holding2830 in goliath's palm243 leonine tail7726 majestic as fuck1222 male349943 micro8634 open beak225 pose5333 revolver1547 rock4206 shocked expression769 sleeping22467 solo1017453 sticker set88 surprised8693 tail in mouth21 talons1169 telegram sticker237 tongue out96937 weapon28946


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