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safe1615978 artist:fensu-san544 applejack162602 fluttershy203025 pinkie pie207512 rainbow dash224077 rarity173810 twilight sparkle288352 alicorn206137 earth pony216026 pegasus257410 pony883709 unicorn285372 the last problem5035 clothes426116 cute186299 ear fluff25334 end of ponies773 female1286370 mane six30379 mare439585 older24351 older applejack639 older fluttershy609 older mane six315 older pinkie pie605 older rainbow dash690 older rarity614 older twilight1336 one eye closed27100 open mouth129907 series finale147 smiling224574 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118400


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Background Pony #E893
Honestly I love how in this image, twilight has her regular appearance
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