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A reference to Douglas C. Neidermeyer from the movie Animal House

If they really wanted to insert their future lives, they could've just did the freeze frame "where are they now" thing from American Graffiti set to ocean man, of course
semi-grimdark30370 edit135895 edited screencap67220 screencap227300 starlight glimmer49787 twilight sparkle306089 alicorn232876 pony1010451 unicorn342267 a horse shoe-in1366 :o3892 animal house16 caption22060 cropped50473 faic12535 female1401764 hooves in air247 image macro37475 implied death2664 mare502143 offscreen character35729 open mouth154306 shrunken pupils3378 solo focus17495 starlight glimmer is best facemaker67 text62179 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126192 wide eyes17393


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