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A simple tribute image that I did in commemoration to the end of MLP:FiM series with our beloved pony mascots from different brony communities in South East Asia.

Despite of our differences in various levels, this show gave way for each of us to be together and bonded by friendship. May we all cherish the friendships that we had and maintain them, live to the good values this show had taught us. Let's bring the magic of friendship in our daily lives.

Thank you MLP:FiM for the nine amazing years, 9 amazing seasons and 222 amazing episodes. It's been a very wonderful ride and we are very grateful that you've been part of our lives.
The mascots and their respective countries from left to right:

Kwankao (Thailand)
Original Design by nebula210
Owned by: Thai Brony

Rosa Blossomheart (Malaysia)
Original Design by Chirpy-chi
Owned by: Marelaysia

Pearl Shine (Philippines)
Original Design by furriKira/fiaKaiera
Owned by: Philippine Bronies

Temmy (Singapore)
Original Design by MeloDenesa
Owned by: Cantermare University

Indonisty (Indonesia)
Original Design by auveiss & He4rtofCourage
Owned by: Indonesian Bronies

All 5 are owned by Project SEAPonyCon

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust / Hasbro
safe (1522997) artist:jhayarr23 (877) oc (573521) oc:indonisty (65) oc:kwankao (33) oc:pearl shine (100) oc:rosa blossomheart (72) oc:temmy (58) alicorn (183866) earth pony (179510) pegasus (221471) pony (797651) end of ponies (731) female (847242) indonesia (177) malaysia (214) mare (387425) movie accurate (921) nation ponies (1226) philippines (116) ponified (37002) singapore (257) thailand (139)


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