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I don’t know how to feel after watching the leak ep of the mlp “The last problem”  
I like Twilights Style but it seems like a recolour version of Celestia (i lowkey like it?) , but it’s sad how the other  
5 got older, sad daiz the CM crusaders finally grew up.

safe2119654 artist:ryrxian69 twilight sparkle349976 alicorn303078 pony1548553 g41933956 the last problem7836 crown28733 curved horn10609 deviantart watermark5177 ethereal mane12783 female1745914 hoof shoes9099 horn173209 jewelry107241 lineless5342 mare707804 obtrusive watermark7450 older37809 older twilight3202 peytral6860 princess twilight 2.03657 purple eyes5415 raised hoof66662 regalia34845 simple background569834 solo1383091 starry mane6856 tiara6601 transparent background274973 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146107 watermark23103


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