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The fastest of them all  
Always wanted to do an epic illustration of this awesome MLP phenomenon

safe2197918 artist:kaleido-art73 rainbow dash282917 bird13980 pegasus507547 pony1628364 g42053787 cloud44143 cloudy6845 daily deviation48 day3301 digital art30201 epic1457 female1829356 flying56092 mare758257 moon31812 power line228 sky23785 solo1445620 sonic rainboom1304


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Background Pony #B3A1
the power lines there almost ruin the image because that’s more of a thing you’d fine on earth with humans instead of something you’d see in Equestria. It ruins the immersion and it makes the image less of a fantasy otherworld setting and more of a familiar contemporary setting and that much less interesting. can there be a version of this but instead of those power lines, there are trees or something more in line with Equestria?
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Beautiful :) I love the variety of line and stroke - the shock waves and the lightening fast strokes are the perfect compliment to the clouds and the sharply focused birds and powerline. And the birds in the background are all pointing at the subject of the image, leading the eye constantly back to that brilliant, impressionistic, flash of color.
This is a beautiful work :)
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cya on a better booru
This looks amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wide shot of a Rainboom drawn as nearly as good as this one.  
It will also make for a great wallpaper.