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safe (1431338)artist:tcn1205 (308)rainbow dash (204174)sunset shimmer (50761)equestria girls (160021)armpits (35685)belly (20598)belly button (59768)bubblegum (917)clothes (356366)food (51249)guitar (3895)gum (741)hat (64904)jewelry (39254)midriff (16261)musical instrument (5855)necklace (12308)sleeveless (2435)tanktop (5882)


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I hate it when girls reveal their shoulders while half-wearing something. It’s like, either you wear it or you don’t. I know you’re trying to look cute or sexy or whatever but to me, it seems like too obvious an attempt at looking cute/sexy and ends up being lame. HOWEVER, since this is Dashie (and Dashie can never be lame), I’ll make an exception… this time. Anyways, good drawing. Cute girls. :V
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