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"I am this close to never singing again."

"Oh Chryssie, you should never have to hide your talents."

"Mom, help me."

"They’re just complimenting you sweetie!"

"He won’t stop pecking my head, Mom please."

Had the thought of how many times Fluttershy has been called Snow White by the fandom and then this pops in my head.
safe (1427555)artist:colourstrike (191)fluttershy (183958)oc (524464)oc:chrysanthos (27)parrot (296)pegasus (187618)pony (695149)rabbit (3487)raccoon (349)squirrel (783)alternate hairstyle (21254)animal (2303)annoyed (4322)colored hooves (3161)colored wings (4134)colored wingtips (1345)ear fluff (17762)eye clipping through hair (2374)female (758729)floppy ears (41262)like mother like son (36)male (257509)mare (334458)mother and son (2105)offspring (28724)parent:big macintosh (2121)parent:fluttershy (3372)parents:fluttermac (845)short hair (1377)short mane (625)simple background (290382)stallion (72846)tail feathers (662)white background (72064)


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Background Pony #D41F
Sorry, Chrys. You’ve got a lot of your momma in you, you’re just going to have to deal.
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