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Possible the dark side of (Lolaverse EG) Let’s dance!

"I don’t get it, why there are so many people get so popular for one thing? Even with the gross one? I just want to be more wanted. The gross one don’t deserve to be popular expect the normal one."

So here is Alol being jealous at Aaliyah for being popular while Alol isn’t. Remember that this isn’t a hate picture, alright?

OC used:

Aaliyah Rosado by  user15432
Base used:

MLP Base 76 by  ElementBases
Background used:

Outside Ponyville by  BonesWolbach
safe (1426169)artist:8-bitspider (30)artist:boneswolbach (294)artist:elementbases (138)artist:user15432 (693)artist:yuettung (1)artist:yuettung116 (17)oc (523828)oc:aaliyah (9)oc:alol (2)alicorn (162809)pony (694242)unicorn (202273)aaliyah (9)amulet (1116)base used (10523)crossover (52937)glasses (46879)glow (3337)glowing horn (13542)horn (25887)jealous (1007)jewelry (38835)necklace (12222)ponified (34211)ponyville (4306)


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If it’s a base where I can draw my pony if here is completed characters?
(It’s counts and for other arts which you added tag "base")
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