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And here is everyone’s favourite little grump horse.
  • Limestone is the second eldest of the Rock Pie children and after Maud leaves for her education takes her duties rather seriously. She values hard work and will not tolerate anything half-assed.
  • Yes I played with her design to make her a bit more interesting. I think the markings make her fierce!
  • Limestone valued tradition and approval growing up and strove to make her father proud. She witnessed her sisters’s doubts and rebellions throughout her life but never questioned it herself until his death.
  • Through the reassurances of her sisters, Limestone decided to leave the Rock Farm in search of herself. She became a construction worker and soon learned how valuable raw materials were in that line of work. With that knowledge she sought to make something out of the Rock Farm.
  • With a lot of help, education and experience, Limestone Pie became the CEO of ‘Rock Family Materials’. She has become one of the most sought out material sources for stone, rocks and gems. Her partnership and employees range from her sister Maud with her partner Rarity, Fancy Pants, and even the Diamond Dogs.
  • Whilst working as a construction worker she was required to look after herself. So they got her into the all expenses paid pilates class with renowned instructor Tree Hugger. Little Miss Rara was also a regular to this class. As she started later than everyone else, Limestone had trouble with some of the stretches, so Rara became her tutor. Tree Hugger also gave the extra time at the end to help her with the cooldown stretches, and Rara joined.
  • Limestone never likes to admit that she needs help and is often really embarressed when she does ask. One of these times was when she needed to get the money to start up her business. Frustrated she spewed all her financial setbacks to her favourite friends after pilates class. Rara simply giggled at her and asked ‘How much?’
  • Limestone ends up with both Tree Hugger and Countess Coloratura (Rara). Yes our hard hearted grumpo has a love tolerance for the pilates instructor and the sweet singer. Sometimes Limestone gets a little too worked up and yells at nearly everything and everyone. Rara gets too emotional to give out so she settles for cuddling and singing lullabies. Whereas Tree Hugger is just a cool cucumber and gives a mean back massage.
  • Limestone is very protective by nature. Talk shit about her business techniques or intellect, she’ll get defensive. Talk shit about her girlfriends, run. She’s not afraid to knock in a few teeth.
  • She’s hates to be grouped into the kind of bosses who sit at a desk and delegate. No no, she won’t stand for it. Limestone likes to go in and get her hooves dirty. because of this many mistake her for a worker and not the boss. Tree Hugger and Rara like to help out where they can. It doesn’t hurt either that they can admire their girl all sweaty and flexing. And Limestone herself won’t admit to indulging them more than necessary.


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