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Base by: polymercorgi  
I’m sorry if there’s any typo.  
Well, one of my favorites headcanons for Flurry is that instead of growing up into a spoiled brat, she became shy and antisocial.  
The other foals just wanted to be friends with her because she was a princess and eventually she started acting more recluse. Even as a grown mare, she just shows up in public as a princess to make public announcements with Cadence and Shining.

safe2175962 artist:corporalvortex84 artist:polymercorgi170 princess flurry heart9564 alicorn314778 pony1604182 g42030826 adorkable4347 base used33672 clothes635192 colored ears465 colored hooves12347 colored wings14539 cute265973 dork4693 ear fluff50776 female1804467 flurrybetes1181 glasses88810 headcanon in the description356 hoodie20647 leonine tail14164 mare742133 messy mane10917 multicolored wings5559 nerd1245 nerdy heart69 older40012 older flurry heart2840 raised hoof70033 simple background597144 solo1427309 tail feathers1315 two toned mane6018 white background162153 wings223376


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