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Page 816 – Own Little Worlds

This page may not have alternate timelines in it, but I’m still very happy with it.

Pinkie Pie: I’m baaaaaack!! Who wants CAKE?
Rarity: I’ll show YOU burst damage! …As much as I can manage at Level 9, that is!
Applejack: I don’t need as much Dex as a ranged Ranger, but can I afford to leave it at 14…?
Twilight Sparkle: If I raise my Con to 13, I can get the Improved Tome of Readiness when we hit Paragon tier…
DM: I’m not SAYING I’m building an encounter with a Solo-level Bugbear… but for no particular reason, you should be VERY AFRAID of me from now on.
Fluttershy: Helllllp…
Pinkie Pie: What happened while I was gone?
safe (1427479)artist:newbiespud (1179)edit (98952)edited screencap (44222)screencap (174352)applejack (147639)fluttershy (183950)pinkie pie (188851)rainbow dash (203694)rarity (157449)twilight sparkle (260104)bugbear (169)earth pony (147825)pegasus (187594)pony (695081)unicorn (202683)comic:friendship is dragons (1334)griffon the brush off (647)bags under eyes (1320)cake (7919)candle (3557)comic (89376)confused (3317)dialogue (50573)drawing (3366)female (758664)food (50995)glasses (46922)glowing horn (13565)grin (27987)hat (64626)horn (25953)looking up (11851)magic (57418)mare (334414)nervous (4364)nervous grin (562)pen (978)quill (2058)reading (5271)screencap comic (3449)scroll (2719)smiling (182892)telekinesis (20673)thinking (1373)tired (2441)unicorn twilight (7907)wide eyes (14274)


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